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发布时间:2016-07-13 关键词:临时备考机经:托福高频词汇小总结

摘要: 老师在托福培训课上讲,有些学生到最后总觉得自己备考时间不够,没有准备好。下面提供一个临时备考机经,即托福词汇(高频)小总结,希望能帮到大家。


  一些a range of ; a variety of ; aseries of ; an array of

  无数innumerable ; countless

  许多plenty of ; many ; much ; a great deal of ; a lotof ; ample


  依序列举list in sequence


  过时的outdated ; antiquated¬ ; outmoded ; obsolete ;anachronis¬tic

  短暂的ephemeral ; transitory ; transient ;short-lived


  可持久的durable ; able to stand wear ; last a longtime

  一再time aftertime ; again and again


  前述的aforementioned ; aforesaid ;former

  自古到今fromancien¬t times to the present day ; down through theages

  年轻人youngpeopl¬e ; youngster ; youth ; young adult

  老式的old-fashioned ; out of date ;dated

  偶尔from timeto time ; now and then ; once in a while ; attimes

  时常often ;frequently ; repeatedly

  永远的eternal ; perpetual ; lasting throughoutlife

  重整办事优先顺序reshape priorities

  目前so far ; by far

  一次就可完成的事one-time event


  骂yell at ;reprimand ; chide ; scold ; reprove

  支持support ; endorse ; back up ;uphold

  谴责condemn ;express strong disapproval of

  错的mistaken ; erroneous ; wrong incorrect

  错事wrongdoing ; had acts ;misbehavior

  做相反的dothe reverse of ; do the opposite

  归咎blame…on ; put the blame on … ; …is toblame

  瓦解disintegra¬te ; break up ; separate into smallparts¬

  支持某一方in favorof ; on the side of


  意见不和clashes of opinion

  一致的unanimous ; in completeagreement

  不恰当inappropriate ; improper ; unsuitable ;inadequate

  批判criticize ; blame; find fault with ; make judgments of themerits and faults of…

  我们想念…weare convinced that…; weare certain that..

  我愿意I incline to; I am inclined to; I am willing to; I tendto

  有用的useful ; ofuse; serviceabl¬e; good for; instrument¬al;productive¬

  有意义的meaningful; fulfilling

  他们不愿承认这一点they have always been reluctant to admitthis…

  在大家同意下bycommon consent of…

  否定deny;withhold; negate

  承认admit; acknowledge; confess;concede

  于事无补of nohelp; of no avail; no use

  使…受益benefit…; do good to…;is good for…; is ofgreat benefit to…

  想法frame ofmind; mind set; the way one is thinking

  想出come up with

  找出come up with; findout

  利用use; takeadvantage of

  夸耀bragabout; boast about; show off; speak too highlyof

  照顾take care of;take charge of; attend to; watch over

  对…很了解have a deep knowledgeof…

  对抗权威standup against authority; resisit boldly theauthori¬ty

  对…有信心haveconfidence in

  说清楚articulate; verbalize; put in words;utter

  接受…之美意embracethe offer of…

  累积amass;accumulate; heap up; assemble

  连系tact; get in touch with; contactwith

  排除这可能性rule outthe possibility

  等于is equivalent to; equal

  选择choose; elect; opt for; pick; singleout

  发出deliver; giveout; hand over

  绕路detour; take a detour; take a roundaboutway

  禁止进入is keptout; is barred from

  小看make little of

  坏了out of order; on the blink; is notworking

  分别distinguis¬h between; make a distinctio¬n between;tell…from

  依靠count on; depend on

  忽视neglect; give too little careto

  存在come to be;come into existence; come to birth; come intobeing

  考虑consider;take into consideration; take intoaccount

  考虑到inconsideration of

  用尽力气exhaust one’sstrength; use up one’sstrength

  开动initiate; set going

  准备…brace for; prepare for

  在于lie in; rest on; restwith

  主动take theinitiative

  不算exclusive of; not counting; leavingout

  应该得到deserve;have right to; is worthy of

  避免avoid; shun; get around;circumvent

  幻想fantasy; play of the mind

  以此标准来算by this criterion; by thisstandard

  乍看之下atfirst glance

  面对inthe face of; in the presence of

  以by means of; by virtue of; by the useof

  不惜代价at allcosts

  每况愈下from badto worse

  承受错误造成的后果in reaping the harvest of hismistakes

  取得同意…getthe go-ahead to

  不择手段unscrupulously; by hook or bycrook

  想法与作法beliefsand practices

  内情insand outs; turns and twists

  关键时刻the critical moment

  虽然although; notwithstanding; albeit;though

  根据accordingt¬o; on the basis of; on the ground of (that); in the light of; inline with; in accordance¬ with

  逃避问题evade the question

  增大enlarge; extend;aggrandize

  澄清clarify; make clear

  赔偿compensate for; give…as compensation for

  实现carry out; implement; realize;make…cometrue

  假定suppose;assume; postulate; hypothesize

  极端的radical; extreme


  剩下的therest; the remainder; what is left

  换言之in other words; put anotherway

  结果result;aftermath; consequence

  优点advantage; strength; strong point; merit;benefit

  简言之putsimply; in short; in brief; in anutshell

  举例而言forinstanc¬e; for example; to illustrate¬; let us cite特别是an illustrati¬on; to cite aconcrete case

  特别是especially¬; more than others; particular¬ly; inparticul¬ar

  既然…nowthat…; seeingthat…

  迹象inkling;hint; clue; a slight suggestion

  缺点disadvantage; demerit; shortcoming; drawback;weakness

  除去do awaywith; eliminate; remove; get rid of

  缺少for lack of; for a deficiencyof

  毕竟after all; allin all

  范围scope;field; realm


  行为conduct; behavior; doings

  隔绝isolate; insulate


  不易懂的elusive; hard to understand



  主导的人物a dominant figure; a controllin¬g man; the mostinflue¬ntial person

  观点viewpoint; point of view; perspective;standpoint


  只是一种姿态ismerely a gesture

  立场position; stand; stance

  意向inclination; leaning;intention

  特权privilege; a special right

  来自stem from; comefrom

  一件事的不同说法alternative statements of fact


  好奇心theeager desire to know; curiosity

  尊敬respect; esteem; think highlyof

  顽固的headstrong;obstinate; stubborn

  暗淡的gloomy; dark; dim

  巨大的huge; gigantic; colossal; vast; enormous;tremendous

  探索explore; fathom

  执行carry out; execute; do

  现代modern times; modern age; contemporaryage

  偏见prejudice;bias; partiality; predilection

  混乱chaos; commotion; confusion; disturbance;tumult


  无缺点的flawless; airtight



  细密的计划elaborate plan

  取消cancel; annul; abolish

  解药a cure for…; a remedy for;

  谜puzzle; riddle; enigma

  机会平等equality ofopportunity

  较有影响力的a predominant country

  遵守abide by; conform to; observe; complywith

  热情的passionate;ardent; zealous

  模糊的ambiguous; vague; obscure


  失望despair; loss of hope; withouthope

  幼稚childish;childlike; na飗e

  挑剔的picky;choosy; fastidious

  破坏destroy; ruin; break to pieces;devasate

  技巧的skillful; adept; dexterous

  警觉的alert; watchful; on guard; waryof

  忍受bear; put upwith; endure; stand

  证据evidence; facts; proof; grounds;testimony

  很容易地easily; with little problem; with littlehind¬rance

  令人惊讶的amazing; astonishing;astounding

  生动的报导vivid description

  争取compete for; try hard towin

  遗产heritage;legacy; inheritance

  保护protect; safeguard; preserve;shelter

  了解understand¬; comprehend¬; catch the meaning of; catchon

  汇露reveal; makeknown; disclose

  放大amplify; magnify; enlarge

  动力impetus; driving force;momentum


  流的first-rate; excellent

  安全处refuge; asylum; haven;sanctuary

  强调emphasize; stress; highlight


  真正的genuine; authentic; real

  怪异的eccentric; peculiar;odd

  明显的distinct;clear; explicit; obvious

  得到…的注意capture one’s attention

  事事干涉的meddlesome; interfering

  背景setting; background

  假的fake; false;counterfeit



  古人the ancients

  古老的old; ancient; archaeic

  逃犯infringe (on); violate






  准确地说to be exact; to be precise;precisely

  突然醒悟itdawned on me that

  仔细思考之后after long deliberation; after carefulthought



  可与…相比is comparable with (to)

  普遍的prevailing; common;prent

  是一个对比is asharp contrast to

  比作is likened to; is compared to



  一般而言in general; generally speaking; by andlarge

  满于现状be happywith what you are

  预测未来project into the future

  另一个观点是… another way of looking at the matteris…